The Harmonic Series Experience

At Harmonic Series, our custom integrators are proficient in all variables central to the home automation and technology integration process.

However, there are many challenges when designing a custom smart home system, even if the system utilizes common low voltage electronics. In order to create unparalleled media, lighting, and automation solutions, we must draw on the best products from a wide variety of manufacturers, and make them work in tandem to deliver superior audio, video, and automation solutions.

Beyond delivering the best products available, we want to also provide our customers with a seamless installation experience, and we understand that reliability and simplicity are central to this goal. With this aim in mind, we are proud to have developed a different approach to installing luxury home systems: The Harmonic Series Lab.

Harmonic Series staff technician working on server line configurations

The HS Lab

Harmonic Series installations showing a server room with speaker wall

Lab Testing Quality Control

The Lab is a dedicated clean room space at our headquarters where we assemble and test every piece of a system before a product ever leaves our facility. This approach sets us apart from our competitors and has the following advantages:

  • Prior testing allows us to remove any unexpected variables, and ensures there are not issues with the components involved.
  • Building your rack off-site reduces our installation time, getting us out of your home days (and sometimes weeks) sooner than if we had assembled your system on site.
  • Building your rack in a sterile lab environment ensures improved system reliability, and prolonged product durability.
  • Our skilled team of programmers and engineers are involved in the testing and documentation of your system throughout the design, programming, and construction of your rack.
  • We are able to preconfigure and optimize network equipment before the home even has an active service provider, and can deliver a fully functioning network to the home before the installation of the equipment rack.
  • An aesthetically pleasing system that is easy to service or upgrade in the future.
Harmonic Series The Lab server box embedded in wall

The bottom line? We arrive with a fully engineered and proven system that is deployed efficiently so you can jump straight to enjoying your system