Using Your Savant System

Here’s some details on your Savant System and how to use it. AUDIO SETTINGS:   DOOR ENTRY:   REMOTE:   TRUE IMAGE:   VIDEO TILING:  


Fill Your Home With Music The touch screens offered by Harmonic Series are elegant control with stunning, high-resolution graphics. Seamlessly traverse albums and playlists. Display info on what’s playing right now for party guests.  

Climate Control

Flawless Climate Comfort Harmonic Series will customize a system for the way you live.  Climate control is as easy as selecting the desired climate zone and adjusting the set points on-screen. Smart looking, high resolution touchscreens display the temperature inside...

Lighting & Shades

Smart Living Harmonic Series will work with you to redefine your expectations around the seamless control of light in your home. We bring together the best in class of dimming technology, window coverings and fixtures.  We’ll help you create beautiful light throughout...