Home Audio Systems

Amplify the music and sounds in your home with Harmonic Series’ Home Audio Systems


Enjoy listening to music around the house or looking for a realistic movie experience within your own home? With our wide range of Home Audio Systems we can make that happen.

With whole home audio systems, sound will flow from one room to the next without interruption. We have many brands such as Kef, Klipsch, Savant, Yamaha, and Wisdom Audio. All are available in our home audio installation, ensuring you get the best sound and performance possible!

Depending on your home’s situation a custom solution can be engineered, so call today for your free consultation! 

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Savant Tablets

Savant Audio

The Savant Smart Home Automation System is state of the art, easy to use, and allows you to control your audio and video equipment with ease throughout your home from any device, including touch panels and all smart devices.


Enjoy the classic movie going experience all from the comfort of your own home with our custom high end home theaters. Using engineered designs, acoustic panels, custom seating, and HiFi theater audio brands, our home theater systems will give you the best theater experience there is to offer.

Home Theater
acoustic panels in home theater

Acoustic Panel Installation

Surround sound is more than just being loud, it’s also about sound quality. For the highest quality surround sound experience in your home theater, look no further than acoustic panels from Artnovion. They provide high quality sound and extensive design options while reducing ambient and unnecessary noise, providing you with the best quality listening experience possible.

HiFi Home Audio Systems

HiFi, or High Fidelity, refers to a set of equipment incorporated in Home Theater or whole-home sound systems that helps reproduce audio as intended by its creator. This provides a clearer sound that used to only be found in cinemas and studios.

hifi home audio